What if I do not have my training certification yet?

Individuals who have yet to acquire their required training certificate can be licensed as a trainee for six months. After six months, the badge will expire and a training certificate must be submitted to the AESBL in order for the individual to receive a new badge and continue working. Trainee status does not apply to Qualifying Agents. QA’s must have all their required certifications at time of licensure.

Can I apply online?

A first-time applicant cannot apply online and must submit the required paperwork for licensure. The online renewal application is only available for currently licensed individuals who are applying for renewal during the open renewal period.

Do I have to work for a company to be licensed?

Yes, an individual must work for a licensed company and must hold their own individual license through that company. Additionally, a self-employed individual must be licensed under their own company, obtaining both a company and an individual license.

Why do I need to be licensed?

On May 29, 1997, the Alabama State Legislature established the Alabama Electronic Security Board of Licensure (AESBL) by enacting Act 97-711 (Code of Alabama, Section 34-1A). The AESBL statute requires that all persons working in the alarm and/or locksmith businesses be licensed in the State of Alabama. Such licensure would include the required training for the applicant’s discipline and a state/federal background check.