The Alabama Electronic Security Board of Licensure was created to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the citizens of Alabama. If you have a complaint against a company and/or individual licensed with the AESBL that has conducted work in your home or business, you may submit your information online or download the complaint form and submit it via email or regular mail. You should also submit any and all documentation you have regarding the work done. The processing of a complaint may take up to three months depending on the involvement of the AESBL investigator.

When complete, the complaint will be reviewed by an investigative committee which is comprised of an AESBL staff member, a board member, and the board’s representative from the Alabama Attorney General’s Office. It must be understood that the board does not have the authority to cancel or otherwise amend contracts between a complainant and a licensed company. Regardless of the AESBL’s complaint process, you are free to retain an attorney and pursue legal action through the civil court system.